Trademarks and Copyrights

Copyrights and trademarks are two ways a business can protect its valuable business assets.  Our attorneys can assist clients in prosecuting copyright and trademark applications and in policing and enforcing matters.


In today’s age of information and advanced technology, literary and creative works can be important business assets.  Our attorneys have to skill necessary to assist clients with the protection of copyrightable materials.  In addition, we can help businesses document and preserve ownership rights, including rights in works created by employees or independent contractors.


The most valuable asset a business owns often is its brand names, identity and reputation.  Resolving issues relating to clearance and approval of an important new brand name is critical.  Our attorneys have the skills necessary to support clients in their selection of names and marks, in their prosecution of trademarks, and in resolving trademark and domain name issues.  We can assist in policing and enforcing trademarks and domain name rights, and in licensing matters and enforce trademark rights through traditional trademark and unfair competition (or "passing off") litigation.


Susan C. Gieser


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