NJDOT Highway Access Permits

Development requiring a curb cut onto a state highway frequently requires a Highway Access Permit from the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT).  We have broad experience working with developers and their traffic consultants to obtain Highway Access Permits.  Such representation often requires negotiations with NJDOT as to the nature and extent of proposed traffic improvements to minimize the impact of the development on traffic on the state highway, and so the financial considerations involved in such Permits can be substantial.

On occasion, NJDOT seeks to relocate or limit existing highway curb cuts in order to accommodate traffic improvements that NJDOT proposes, separate and apart from any private development.  In such cases, the property owner is entitled to a hearing on the change to its access that NJDOT proposes.  We have experience representing property owners in such cases, both trying the cases to decision and negotiating settlements with NJDOT that meet the business needs of the client.


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