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Developers of residential condominiums of 10 or more units that will be marketed in New Jersey must obtain state approval of their registration application and their proposed public offering statement from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA). If the condominium project is the proposed conversion of an existing rental building with residential tenants and the owner seeks to evict those tenants on the basis of the conversion, additional DCA approvals are needed. If the developer seeks to market a residential or non-residential condominium in New York (e.g., advertising in New York newspapers), a separate application to and approval from the Attorney General of the State of New York is required.

Our firm has broad experience in all areas of condominium law. We have prepared condominium deeds, DCA applications and related documentation for new developments seeking DCA registration, as well as for conversions of existing buildings and have obtained the required DCA approvals. We have obtained DCA approvals for major modifications to existing approvals.

We also have prepared condominium documentation for residential developments not requiring DCA approval because of their size and for non-residential condominium developments.

We have obtained approval from the New York Attorney General’s Office for both residential and non-residential condominiums.

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